Stus V.P. 

MD, PhD, Doctor of Medical Science, Professor

Head of Urology State Institution “Dnipropetrovsk Medical academy of Ministry of Health of Ukraine”

Head Clinic of Urology Munitipal Institution “Dnipropetrovsk Regional clinical hospital named after I.I.Mechnikov”

Chief urologist Health Department at the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration

Vice-redactor of "Urology" journal
Scopus Author ID: 55894483100

Moiseenko M.M.
Docent of the department, Ph.D

responsible for the educational process

head of student society

Polion M.Y.
Ph.D., Docent, secretary of "Urology" journal

Responsible for scientific work

Fridberg A.M.
Ph.D., assistant

safety officer

Barannik K.S.
Ph.D., assistant

Responsible for medical work

Suvaryan A.L.
assistant, Ph.D.

civil defense officer

Krasnov V.M.

Kryszhanovska O.Y.

Lyahovec S.O.