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Тhematic plan of practical training in urology

1. Anatomy Physiology those of the urinary and male reproductive system. Developmental anomalies of the urinaryand male genital system.

2. Semiotics of urological diseases. X-radionuclide, thermographic, ultrasonic and instrumental methods of examination of urological patients.

3. Acute pyelonephritis. Chronic pyelonephritis.

4. Іnflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system. Tuberculosis of the kidney. Tuberculosis of the male genitalia: etiology, pathogenesis, clinical course. Diagnosis and treatment.

5. Urolithiasis.  Kidney injury: open and closed.        Damage to the bladderDamage to the urethra. Damage of the scrotum.

6. Tumors of the urinary and male genital system. Cancer of the kidney parenchyma.       Wilms' Tumor. Cancer of the renal pelvis.        Tumors of the urinary bladder.

7. Prostatic hyperplasia. Prostate cancer. Tumors of the testis.

8. Emergency care in urological diseases.    Acute renal failure.         Renal colic.  Acute urinary retention.  Final control.




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