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Student`s Scientific Society of Urology

The history of the Student`s  Scientific Society of Urology begins in 1974. The first research supervisor was docent Gorev B.S.  There were several  research supervisors – Yu .I.Udovicki,N.N.   Moiseenko, R.N.Molchanov at different times. N. Moiseenko has been a mentor of  Student`s  Scientific Society since 2006.

The meetings of  Student`s  Scientific Society are held every last Thursday. It starts at 4 p.m. The work of Student`s  Scientific Society are various.  You can get a modern knowledge of Urology. You have a chance to make a  scientific work.

Many students' works are presented on the  conference, like  articles in urological journals.

Scientific - methodical publication for the period 2014- 2015 as follows:

·         In special editions ("Urologіya" magazine) – 4

·         In materials conference of urologists of Ukraine–  1.

·         In mateialah Ukrainian conference " Actual problems of education in the context of globalization" - 1,

·          in the materials of the All-Ukrainian conference " The implementation of the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education" -1,

·          in other editions – 9

The structure of Student`s  Scientific Society of Urology at the present time.

S. Ponomar` ,5th year student

M. Volobueva, 5th year student

V. Koshtura, 4th year student

M. Rudenko, student of 6th year

Y. Seredenko,  5th year student

A. Shaturova,intern

N. Dubovskaya, intern

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